BASc (Southeast, China), PhD (Toronto), PEng

Endowed Value-Added Wood and Composite Chair

Phone: 416-946-8070
Fax: 416-978-3834


Dr. Yan specializes in forest-based biomaterials science and composites, bio-based adhesives and adhesion, digital printing, and surface sciences of paper.  Currently, her research group is focused on developing novel environmentally-friendly green bio-based composites, producing green chemicals using renewable forestry biomass as feedstock, and engineering the next generation high valued paper based products.

Areas of study:

    • Green chemicals and adhesives from forestry biomass conversion,
    • Green bio-based composites and products from renewable forestry resources,
    • Development of novel nanocellulose crystal based composite films,
    • Development of light weight sandwich panels for construction and automotive applications,
    • Paper-based inexpensive sensors and devices
    • Bark biorefinery project.

2017/18 Courses:

FOR201H1: Conservation of Tropical and Subtropical Forests
FOR3002H: Applied Forest Ecology and Silviculture
FOR3009H: Forest Conservation Biology

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