The Faculty of Forestry offers the following programs for undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science:

  • Forest Conservation Science: forest biology and ecology with electives in life and physical sciences
  • Forest Conservation Arts: community forest management, forest policy and economics, and forest product trade with electives in social sciences
  • Forest Biomaterials Science: fundamental knowledge of wood structure, properties and attributes, as well as life cycle analysis, alternative energy strategies, and innovative product development

You can pursue a Specialist, Major or Minor in any of these programs. Earning a Specialist will ensure you have the opportunity to study a wide range of topics in greater depth, which will be particularly useful if you’re considering enrolling in the Master of Forest Conservation (MFC) or Masters of Science in Forestry (MScF) program.

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards Program

If you’re currently enrolled in an undergraduate program and are interested in spending a semester doing research under the supervision of a professor at the Faculty of Forestry, please visit the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards Program page and download the document below.

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