ProfessorShashi Kant

BE (Hons) (India), MA (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)

Phone: 416-978-6196
Fax: 416-978-3834


Prof. Shashi Kant specializes in forest resource economics and forest management systems with an emphasis on economics of sustainable forest management. His research has challenged traditional models of forest economics by introducing a new paradigm of economics that incorporates the basic features of sustainability specifically sustainable forest management. His research interests include economics of community-based forest management systems, valuation of ecosystem services including social, cultural, and land use activities of First Nations peoples, behavioral economics specifically other regarding preferences of First Nations peoples and peoples involved in co-management, non-market signals of resource scarcity, game theoretical models of co-management, international trade of forest products, timber pricing, forest tenure, institutional economics, and social choice theory and forest management. Kant is editor-in-chief of a book series, Sustainability, Economics and Natural Resources, which aims to integrate the concept of sustainability into forest economics as well as reflect the multi- and interdisciplinary nature of economics. He has co-edited Handbook of Forest Resource Economics. He is Associate Editor of the Canadian Journal of Forest Research and Journal of Forest Economics. He is a member of the selection committee for the Soren Wibe Prize in Forest Economics. He is the Coordinator of IUFRO Research Group on Forest Economics. He is the leader of New Frontiers of Forest Economics (NEFFE) group – an international think tank.


FOR 3003H: Economics of Forest Ecosystems
FOR 3006H: Case Study Analysis in Forest Management
SSM1010Y: Principles of Sustainability Management
SSM1090S: Sustainable Enterprise – Capstone Project

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