The Faculty of Forestry is the oldest program in our Nation’s history.  Although small in size, it is a leader in bioresource sustainability and conservation. It has embarked on a journey of remarkable growth in global ecological, industrial and social fronts; is amazingly creative in harnessing the convergence of disciplines; remarkably unique in intellectual capacity, demography and cultural diversity; and rooted in a mega-urban melting pot to serve the globe with non-traditional yet highly rewarding opportunities. The Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto is a community inspired by nature and motivated by technological drive.

The University of Toronto’s Forestry program provides fulfilling career opportunities for all backgrounds.  Our world class and award winning faculty-enriched education, cutting edge research and professional advancement programs in forest conservation, applied forest ecology and restoration, bioeconomy and sustainable forestry, urban forestry and green infrastructure,  biomaterials and biorefinery are innovative  and highly rewarding professional careers in recreation, policy, the economy and industry.  The Faculty of Forestry is globally recognized as a power house in scientific advancement and technological creativity, and for its pioneering programs in Forest Conservation, Forest Biomaterials, Urban Forestry and Green Infrastructure, Bio-nanotechnology and Biorefinery.

Our international programs span five continents through internships and exchanges, bringing diverse cultures and professions, nurturing an entrepreneurial generation. At the same time, the Faculty recognizes public perception of forests and continues to provide leadership to strengthen our sector by creating the most innovative and rewarding career professional for decades to come.  Our new school for Sustainable Bioresources and Conservation is a true example of our dedication to social, environmental, economic and industrial wellbeing. Be part of this cutting edge program.

I am privileged to be part of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Forestry. I welcome you all to join us to experience the satisfaction of student life in the family of remarkable and distinguished alumni, faculty members and staff.

Mohini M Sain

Dean and Professor