Assistant Professor – Status OnlyAllison-Field

HBSc (Guelph)
MPM (Simon Fraser University)
PhD (University of California-Riverside)

Phone:  (705) 541-5519



Dr. Allison’s research is focused on developing an understanding of chemical ecology to improve integrated pest management of insects affecting Canadian forests; and in the long term, to develop a more complete understanding of the role of chemical signals and cues in natural forest systems and the evolutionary forces shaping the chemical ecology of forest insects.

Most forest insects use chemical cues and signals to locate resources (e.g., host trees, mates). As a result, these chemical cues and signals play critical roles mediating host and mate location and have immense potential for use in the development of management tactics for native and invasive forest pests.

I am currently seeking graduate students interested in:

  1. The chemical and behavioral ecology of native and non-native forest insects;
  2. The orientation and flight behavior and population ecology of woodboring beetles with the ultimate goal of improving existing monitoring and detection programs for native and invasive woodboring beetles; and
  3. The identification of factors that influence the performance of survey and detection tools for invasive forest insects.

If you are interested in any of these research projects (or have a project of your own you would like to discuss), please email a copy of your curriculum vitae and a transcript of your grades to me (

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